Sanna Svedestedt profilbild

Contemporaty ART Jewellery from Jämtland Sweden

Woman with dark hair in a snowy forest, wearing a black coat and grey sweater and a art jewellery leather brooch shaped like a black heart by Sanna Svedestedt.

Heart Series

Back with gigant heart throbs!
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An art jewellery brooch made by wet molding naturally tanned reindeer leather into the shape of a heart. Dark maroon/purple color, with hints of brown, on white background.
A art jewellery leather brooch on white background
Black art jewellery leather necklace, lace pattern with circulare holes, on white background
Black art jewellery leather brooch in an oval shape on white background
Black art jewellery leather earrings placed on a grey natural stone in a forest setting

Vendetta Sadness

Leather diamonds and studs - ready to wear! Avalible JULY 26th at
Launching july 26th !
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Sanna Svedestedt

My main material is leather as I experiment with techniques and traditions. Jewellery is the language that has become my preferred form of expression. Its inherent connection to identity, heritage, and culture never fails to intrigue me, making it an endlessly captivating art form. Through experimentation with unexpected materials or the deliberate displacement of objects, I aim to challenge the viewer's perspective. When a piece is unexpected, it might evoke a smile, surprise or bewilderment. With that feeling lingering, I believe our minds are open to new thoughts.