Woman in forest, wearing a white dress and a art jewellery leather brooch by Sanna Svedestedt.

Black Diamonds

Getting the leather fever
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Black Diamonds

A woman with dark hair holding a large piece of leather shaped like a facetted stone.

I first started experimenting with leather in 2009 during my Bachelor Degree work, while I was studying at HDK. Leather immediately got me hooked, as I discovered a material with seemingly endless possibilities.

I experimented with leather shaping and found that with the right touch, and quite a lot of stubbornness, the leather transforms into the desired shape. The pieces look heavy but are surprisingly light when you wear them, as they are hollow inside. This allowed me to go large scale and make pieces that demand their place on the body. My aim was to find a contemporary expression in a traditional craft material.

The Black Diamonds was selected for the juried exhibition Schmuck 2010, Munich.