What is contemporary jewellery?

Contemporary jewellery, also known as art jewellery or studio jewellery is a form of wearable art. It is a medium to explore themes, concepts, and personal expressions, much like other art forms such as painting or sculpture.

Contemporary jewellery artists often use nonprecious and unconventional materials like instead of precious metals and gemstones. But contemporary jewellery can also be made with valuable materials, but the focus is more on the conceptual use of materials rather than their intrinsic value. It can also be an exploration of techniques and the intrinsic properties of a material. Many contemporary pieces are designed from a strong conceptual standpoint. They might comment on social issues, explore abstract ideas, or challenge conventional notions of beauty and adornment.

Contemporary jewelry is frequently showcased in galleries and museums, reflecting its status as an intersection of art and adornment. The artworks are often produced in one-of-a-kind pieces, in contrast to the mass production seen in traditional jewellery markets.